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Get more: Want this week;s top videos. Storyline: An alien is hunted by a gang of drunken. Twitter · Facebook · Digg · Delicious · Stumbleupon · Myspace · Email · Login. Watch free movies online at Galaxy Invader (Don Dohler, 1985) - Cult Movie ForumsRampaging space monsters, bad optical effects work, a quaint backwoods setting, an incessantly blaring electronic score and a mixture of the directors relatives, acquaintances and perhaps even the family hairdresser in. The monster in the film looks like the Creature from the Black Lagoon but is shown to have light up eyes on the VHS and DVD covers like Jawas. The Galaxy InvaderThere are very few problems with it that are not budget related, and to be honest it is better written than almost every movie released in the last 20 years. It has long been available on VHS, but until now most people were safe, but no longer: I am afraid to report that The Galaxy Invader is now available on DVD,. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. Free Online Games, Free Games Online - Doodle Galaxy InvadersDoodle Galaxy Invaders (10). The Astral Factor & The Galaxy Invader Movie DownloadDownload and burn The Astral Factor & The Galaxy Invader movie. Watch Galaxy Invader (1985) Free Online | RetrovisionThe Galaxy Invader is a 1985 sci-fi movie directed and co written by Don Dohler. Stream The Galaxy Invader (Video 1985) Free Online | Watch Free. To watch The Galaxy Invader (Video 1985) free online simply follow these steps…You can chose to watch The Galaxy Invader (Video 1985) movie online free either by online stream on demand or by direct movie download.. Watch The Galaxy Invader (Video 1985) free streaming online | Free. Genres: Sci-Fi Year: 1985. Watch The Galaxy Invader (Video 1985) Online Free Streaming. Downloadable movies. That makes for a fun movie to sit down and laugh at it;s absurdities. Galaxy Invader [VHS] Reviews - Barack Obama VideosGalaxy Invader List Price: $ 14.98 Price: $ 48.00 Find More Jerry Moran Products.The Galaxy Invader (1985) - Watch Free Movies OnlineWatch Free Movies Online today. Exit Fullscreen

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